Ram Truck: Diesel vs. Gas


You might have owned a gasoline car or truck your entire life and wondered about the diesel engine? "What are its advantages and disadvantages?" Does Ram truck offer a diesel or gas engine?

Diesels Are More Efficient

Generally, you will see the diesel engine on 18-wheelers because diesel is more efficient and better for heavy payloads, high torque and heavy duty tasks. "Why do you see unoccupied semi trucks still running?" One drawback to the diesels is that they require a lot of energy to get started. It is kind of like your computer. Information Technology (IT) technicians have asserted that you might as well leave your computer on all night because it takes so much energy to boot up. The same is true for your diesels. Ram uses the Cummins engine for its diesel trucks. If you want the heaviest duty Rams, you want the Cummins diesel.

Gasoline Is Cheaper

Fuel prices go up and down - but generally, gasoline is not only cheaper but also more readily available. Some service stations, simply don't carry diesel. Some drivers might not like the smell of diesel either. If you want a very popular, well-known gasoline engine, then the Ram offers its "Hemi." Some "car guys" love to emblazon "HEMI" on their vehicles and a few have even converted these Hemis to diesels, but it takes a lot of parts adjustments. The gas engine is usually smaller and some claim that vehicles with these types of engines are easier-to-drive. So, if you don't know a whole lot about vehicles, than the gas engine may be the way to go.

Ram is Long-Lasting

Ram understands that you need a strong, durable truck for work and play. Besides different engines, it also has a variety of other options, including trims. Find the ideal Ram for your purposes. There was a study of trucks of about 23 years or so, still on the road; the #1 make for this category of trucks was Ram. Now, you know why the owners keep on returning. Ram trucks have power, strength and durability. If you have seen what many local governments and contractors are using, it might be the Ram 6.7L Cummins turbo diesel engine. The Ram 6.7L is the top-of-the-line for this truck manufacturer. This Ram 6.7L delivers best-in-class 900 pound-feet of maximum diesel torque. Hook up a trailer and go. View our inventory and find the right engine for your purposes.

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